Do you want more? More travel comfort, more quality, more sophistication? If so, the Malibu van is your perfect holiday companion. It combines the compact dimensions of a van with the comfort of a large motorhome. There are many vans, but only one Malibu van. It is the van full of innovation. Be it in the concept or the detail – the experience of more than 40 years of motorhome construction and the ingenuity of its developers can be found in every Malibu van. The product of many years of work. You can feel it on every day of your holiday. For example, in the unique living and sleeping comfort,  the unbelievably large and functional storage areas which have been worked out to the last detail, in the elaborate and comprehensive main body insulation for travelling 365 days of the year or in the extremely stable furniture construction with long-lasting quality. The carefully selected materials and high quality craftsmanship are the basis of an exceptionally exclusive design. This all results in a clearly formulated premium claim: Malibu Van means “best van in class“.

The right solution for every Van enthusiast – get some inspiration from the wide range of Malibu Vans!


Exklusive line: charming

available on Malibu Van comfort 600 DB/640 LE; Malibu Van diversity 600 DB K/600 LE K; Malibu Van first class - two rooms 640 LE RB



Option: Pop-up roof

available on Malibu Van compact 540 DB/600 LE; Malibu Van diversity 600 DB K/600 LE K; Malibu Van first class - two rooms 640 LE RB


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Camping 05/2021Introduction: Malibu Van family-for-4
“Malibu has once again used high-quality motorhome technology in this model. The hybrid pop-up roof is very light yet extremely stable, with excellent insulating characteristics.”
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AutoBild Reisemobil 11/2020 Endurance test: Malibu Van charming 640 LE
“First impression: It’s unbelievable what you can put into a Malibu. Surf board, stand-up paddle board, chairs, umbrella, clothes – and a feeling of freedom that we’ve never seen before.”
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promobil online 06/2020 Introduction: Malibu Van charming coupé
“The “integrated driver’s cabin” provides a huge amount of space”. Just like the Charming GT, the Coupé does away with an overhead storage cabinet above the cockpit – creating lots room above the seating area, just like a motorhome.”
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AutoBild Reisemobil 05/2021Endurance test completion: Malibu Van charming 640 LE
“The editors praised the outstanding sleeping comfort and the practical washroom concept with swivelling toilet. [...] The Malibu carried out the evasive manoeuvres and braking tests on our test site, and also excelled in the noise measurement.”
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Firmenwagen 04/2021Introduction: Malibu Van comfort 640 LE
“The Malibu Van is a practical camper with a luxurious living area. In spite of having powerful engines, the Van is economical in terms of petrol consumption, provides plenty of room and storage space, and is still very manoeuvrable. There's no need to drive to a camp site because of the wet cell with toilet.”