Open feeling of spaciousness with a tremendous amount of freedom of movement and free field of view. XL comfort kitchen with powerful 84 l compressor fridge in a separate universal combination cabinet, extra large working and storage areas as well as extra-wide and tall kitchen drawers and a perfect storage space concept.

Models 600 DB K, 640 LE K

Large lounge seating area
More freedom of movement
XL comfort kitchen with extralarge work surface
84 l compressor fridge in universal cabinet
XL flexible washroom "1000"
Large wardrobe beneath rear bed
Two worlds of style
Optional: charming GT skyview / coupé
Optional: hybrid pop-up roof family-for-4

The advantages of living:

  • Large lounge seating area “Maxi 4” for four persons with perfect integration of the rotating driver’s cabin seats and living area table with swivel-out table extension
  • Overhead storage locker above driver’s cabin with front locker door (not charming models)
  • Two designer shelves above the lounge seating area (unless smart LED flat screen option is chosen)
  • Optional: 24" smart LED flat screen above lounge seating area
  • Large storage compartment in double floor of lounge seating area with hatch and high quality hinges, quick and easy to access thanks to “One touch access”
  • Feeling of space from front to rear and considerable amount of freedom of movement thanks to washroom sliding door
  • Elegant entrance area with Malibu branding in chrome and indirect accent lighting
  • New lounge seating area opening geometry for extending the passage width in the kitchen / living area
  • The ambient lighting can be switched on and off separately from the main light
  • Perfect feeling of spaciousness thanks to the open plan view

The advantages of the XL comfort kitchen:

  • Universal combination cabinet with powerful 84 l compressor fridge beneath
  • Extra-large work surface thanks to flush work surface extension with one-handed operation in the entrance area, multifunctional sink cover and additional work and storage surface above the fridge
  • Three extra-wide and extra-deep rollermounted kitchen drawers with double locking, self and soft closing mechanism and integrated wooden cutlery insert
  • Large storage drawer at the front of the seat bench, behind which the seat bench storage compartment can be conveniently accessed from above without having to remove the upholstery using “One touch access”
  • Pull-out waste bin integrated in seat bench (in separate hygiene area)
  • Two-ring gas cooker with electrical ignition and practical glass cover

The advantages of the XL flexi-washroom "1000":

  • Toilet can be swivelled away for maximum space utilisation, plenty of room for washing hands and showering, toilet disappears into the parked position beneath the rear bed
  • Completely separable shower room thanks to two sectional louvres, without a clinging shower curtain as is often the case
  • Generous amount of headroom above washbasin, large mirror and practical wall shelf
  • Large washbasin cupboard for bathroom utensils
  • Space-saving, two-piece sliding door for extra-wide washroom access

The advantages of sleeping:

  • Lengthways single bed “200+” with sleeping length of more than 200 cm at passenger side (640 LE K) 
  • Convenient access to the bed via completely removable entrance steps with storage compartment (640 LE K)
  • Overhead storage cabinets and corner shelves at the driver and passenger sides with generous seat height (640 LE K)
  • Transverse rear bed “B160+” with extra-large sleeping area (600 DB K)
  • Removable step tread for convenient bed access (600 DB K)
  • All-round overhead storage cabinets with open corner shelves (600 DB K)
  • Ventilated slatted frame and qualitiy cold foam mattress for excellent comfort
  • Headboards fitted at the rear windows
  • Roof and wall inner panelling with exclusive microfibre climate-enhancing covering
  • Optional: sleeping area extension with extra mattress between the lengthways single beds (640 LE K)

The advantages of wardrobes:

  • Extra-large wardrobe beneath lengthways single bed at driver side, conveniently accessible from above and the front thanks to the lift function and the separate mattress section (640 LE K)
  • Large linen cupboard with two separate storage compartments beneath the lengthways single bed at the passenger side, conveniently accessible from above via the flap mechanism and “One touch access” (640 LE K)
  • Two separate wardrobes beneath the transverse rear bed, conveniently accessible from above at the driver side, front wardrobe also accessible from the front, rear wardrobe extendible as far as rear storage compartment (600 DB K) 

Model variants:

  • charming GT skyview: omission of overhead storage compartment, replaced with panoramic skylight with leather-covered interior headliner from driver’s cabin to above the lounge seating area 
  • charming coupé: omission of overhead storage cabinet, replaced with continuous living area ceiling running all the way through to the driver's cabin and ceiling canopy with indirect ambient lighting and practical storage area above the driver’s cabin
  • family-for-4: four fully-fledged sleeping berths with hybrid pop-up roof